What would you like to work on?

By understanding the things that you want to achieve with your work, I can build a practice that reflects your goals. Targeted techniques, postures and sequences that best work with your body and its needs. By personalizing our sessions, I can work to support your practice as it evolves. These are some common areas that I work on with clients:

Yoga as physical therapy (accident recovery etc.)

Posture and chronic localized pain

Relaxation and stress relief


General health and fitness



In my home, your home or a Vancouver studio, we will develop your practice one-on-one. Private classes are suited for all levels with sessions tailored to fit your needs.



For any occasion where a group requires a regular or one-off class.



For organizations interested in providing their employees with yoga as a benefit and support to the working environment, I am able to deliver both regularly scheduled classes or one off events as required.